Thursday, August 21, 2014


I've been using this tropical print crossbody bag from ASOS for most of the moving festivities throughout the past few weeks, and I thought today I would show you guys what I carry around in it. 

Kate Spade wallet - Christmas pressie from the BF and I love it! It still looks new, even though it goes everywhere with me and gets tossed around more than its fair share.

Banana cozy - Because a girl's gotta eat and bananas are awesome. This handmade cutie from 9th & Elm offers just the right amount of cushion to keep my snack non-bruisey. 

Sunnies - Classic RayBan Wayfarers, my go-to pair that y'all see me wear all the time. They have definitely been worth the investment!

Pen - Sometimes I have to write stuff, and when I do, this comes in handy. Also, I look like a hero if someone else needs to borrow a pen and I happen to have one to lend. 

iPhone and leopard print case - I don't go anywhere without my phone, just like everyone else on the planet (that has one, anyway). My case is from 9th & Elm in my favorite print (yay leopard!), and I'm pretty pleased with it so far. 

Glasses and case - You know, sometimes I go in stores or something and don't want to look silly by wearing my sunnies inside. I mean, I still wear my sunnies inside most of the time anyway because #yolo (haha, jk), but just in case I want to class things up a bit, I carry these regular specs too. 

Assorted makeup-y/beauty things - F21 zippered pouch, leopard mirror, powder, travel kabuki brush thingie, lipstick, concealer, hand cream, travel perfume doodad, mini deodorant, hair ties and clips, etc = vanity. No shame. 

Lip balms - And lots of them because I manage to misplace them even within such a small purse. I ordered three flavors from 9th & Elm (pomegranate berry, chocolate cake, and peppermint) and love them all. The chocolate cake one is especially delicious. 

Thank you to 9th & Elm for letting me pick a few things from your site to review and carry around with me on the daily! I can't live without 'em. And if y'all are in need of cute handmade and independent designs to give as gifts or fun things to treat yoself a bit (because you deserve it, duh), definitely give 9th & Elm a look. 


**Items from 9th & Elm were provided by the company in exchange for review. As always, opinions are 100% honest and totally my own.** 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 top // bag // shorts // cuff // shoes

Twas a rainy day for pictures and I had to scurry under a tree to finish them up! What the heck Pennsylvania, why you so rainy during the summer? Totes different from the Texas summers I'm used to, lol. :P How's summer going for y'all? 


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Super quick outfit post because I'm still insanely busy. First we cleaned out our entire house in Texas so we could leave, and now we're cleaning out the bf's family house up here in PA. It seems like the getting-rid-of-stuff is neverending, but I think we're (hopefully!) on the downhill side of it. Thank goodness for all of the bf's family pulling together and helping us out, otherwise I'd for sure be going crazy by now. Moving sucks, y'all! :P