Saturday, February 4, 2012


 cardi, leggings - Old Navy (similar) / scarf, necklace - Forever 21 /
dress - swapped with Katie Faye (similar) / flats - DSW (similar) / 
purple ring - Asos (cream version) / mood ring - display at Payless
bag - Hanna (similar)

I should be doing homework and such stuff, so this won't be a long post.  But I wanted to at least get a Fatshion February post up and also thank Katie Faye from Tumblr for this lovely dress!  I finally got around to wearing it today, and it was the perfect splash of color for the gray, dreary weather we're having.  Thank you, Katie Faye!  :)

Also, in blog news...  ;)  I've decided to make the blog a bit more user friendly by adding links to the items I wear.  In the outfit description, just look for the things that are in bold, and if I did the links right (lol), then it should take you to either the item or the store.  If the item isn't for sale anymore, I'll try to include a link to something similar that you might like.  :) 



  1. Lovely patterned skirt with the punchy red scarf. Diggin' the purse to. You look fantastic!

  2. Your closet is super organized! Love your your skirt and scarf.

  3. The purse looks awesome with the dress, brings a hippy vibe to it :). I love the dress, veeeery cute, and the color of the scarf is amazing.

    Oh, and the first pic is unbelievably cute pic of you, shy smiley lady!!! :)


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