Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Another Wednesday and another Fatshion Faceoff!  In case you're new to the blog, here's what the Fatshion Faceoff is all about: we're a group of six girls and every week, one of the girls in our group picks a specific item of clothing and we all style it in our own way.  Then on Wednesdays, we all post our outfits at the same time, and BOOM.  Fatshion Faceoff.  Super fun, right?

Anyway, the awesomeness that is Molly of Molly-Pocket had her chance to pick this week's challenge item, and she chose.... colored pants (or more specifically, colored skinnies if we had them)! 


top (no longer avail, but a similar leopard version) - Macys 
tank (similar) - Walmart / skinny jeans (similar, similar)  - Gap 
flats (similar) - Target / clutch (similar) - ASOS
sunnies - Ray Ban / earrings, ring - Forever21

So, for this week's Fatshion Faceoff, I grabbed my trusty cobalt skinny jeans/jeggings and popped those bad boys on.  I have other colored pants, but wanted to stick with these skinnies because, well, they're my favorites and SO COMFY. 

Anyway, if you've been following my blog for a while, you can probably tell that I really like pairing my bright blue jeans with leopard (see here and here).  Today, I went with leopard flats because they make every outfit more fun AND I thought they happened to go well with the sheer shirt I found on the Macy's clearance rack.  It has sparkles on the back, y'all!  :D  I added a pop of color with one of my favorite clutches (that also doubles as my jewelry holder when I travel).  Somehow I managed to keep the jewelry minimal today, as I didn't want to add much more to my smorgasbord of an outfit. 

Do you have colored pants?  What's your favorite way to wear them?  

Make sure to check out everyone's Fatshion Faceoff outfits below:  


PS: That's my boyfriend's shadow in the pics.  (I'm wearing this outfit today, but actually took these pics yesterday).  Anyway, he was home and I like to plan ahead for FF, so I conned him into taking pics for me.  SO much easier/faster than the whole tripod setup.  :)

(photos by El Boyfriendo)  


  1. HOTTTTTTT lady! I love this look, I'm jealous! Those pants look really amazing on you, and I love the sheer blouse!

    Great job! xx

  2. I am lovin' cobalt blue pants right now. I know I won't take the plunge and buy them but I try to make a point to compliment people who are wearing them.

    This whole outfit is just made of win, you nailed it!

  3. I'm IN LOVE with that clutch!

  4. How cute!I tried on the same top in Macy's and didn't buy, how stupid of me, u look great!!

  5. That is such a great outfit! Love that star top. Looks perfect with those skinnies!

  6. Fabulous with a capital F! Seriously loving this take on colour jeans, and that top, clutch, hair and shades just make the whole thing oh so achingly cool....

    With that stream of sunlight, its making me want to do my own take on it right now!

  7. I love that top! I might try to recreate this because I also have bright blue skinny jeans. (:

  8. This outfit is all sorts of awesome, I need that top! xx

  9. Hey girl,
    you nailed it again for the FF this week. Love the pants but really fancy your clutch and sunglasses. So glamour. Really nice outfit.
    PS i'm also asked my man to take the pictures :-)
    big kisses

  10. Emmanuelle AldineMarch 29, 2012 at 9:57 AM

    wow,one of my favs outfits of you! I love blue pants and star printed clothes!

  11. You look PERFECT in this outfit! The two brights work so well together and the sheer patterned top is amazing- you don't even need accessories! Love it! Xx

  12. So jealous that my hair is too short for a top knot, wahhh. Those pants are perfection!

  13. Looking amazing. I have jeans this colour, didn't think of wearing them with leopard, but that is a great look :) x

  14. Yes, i am loving the combination of sheer and color

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