Tuesday, August 21, 2012


No, you're not imagining it, I'm wearing jeans and a cardigan.  During the Texas summer.  Today was the rare gray day where I could sneak 'em both in, so I did!  It just really makes me wish that much more that fall would hurry up and get here, though.  *sigh*

cardi, UK20 - Dorothy Perkins | dog tee (also cute), UK22 - New Look | skinny jeans, 18 - Torrid

Anyway, today I thought it would be fun to try dressing up the standard cute tee and jeans combo. Kind of a fall fashion pre-test of sorts, I suppose.  Adding a sorta-fancy cardigan, a classic quilted bag, and jeweled flats did the trick (or at least I like to think so).  The guy helping me at the Apple Genius Bar kept smiling at me, so either my efforts made me look fabulous or ridiculous.  I'm assuming fabulous because he finagled a free replacement battery for my laptop (woot!) and saved me well over $200. Then again, maybe he just thought I could use all the help I could get, since I wear silly dog t-shirts with sparkly shoes and whatnot?  Either way, who knows.  Everything worked out just fine for me in the end, I mean, I managed to clothe myself and get a free battery.  Can't get much better than that.



  1. I think you look very polished and pulled together in this look. I'm sure the guy working at the store thought you were someone important and therefor it was no problem to give you a free battery. Or something like that! lol

  2. Fabulous of course!!! I mean, you got a free battery!!! I am Miss Jeans + tee + cardi, but your outfit looks a lot more "done". And the printed tee makes the whole outfit more young and fresh.

    XX http://miramodernonosoybethditto.blogspot.com.es

  3. You're just so fabulous that he clearly thought you deserved a free battery. Haha. And I'm right there with you—I can't wait for the fall either! I just want to dress like a witch without melting!
    No pun intended.

  4. Cutenesssss! You know I have gotten a free battery at Apple Store too ;D! Go us fabulous ladies ;)!

  5. Heck yeah! I wasn't even trying to get it for free, otherwise I would've been wearing a "boob shirt", haha! ;D But hey, it still worked, so whatevs. LOL

  6. OMG, I seriously LOL'd at the melting thing. :D Fall cannot come soon enough though, for realsies.

  7. Thanks Hannah! I think your theory is right, though. I'll have to pull out this outfit again the next time I need something fixed. ;)


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