Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi there!  It's Wednesday and you know its time for the Fatshion Faceoff, right?  (Or if you're a first-timer that stumbled here via whoknowswhere, click here to find out what the Fatshion Faceoff is all about!)  Anyway, this week's challenge item was chosen by Mhairi and she picked... a floral dress!  Hanna sent me one a while ago and I thought it would be a great piece to wear for this challenge, as it's completely gorgeous!

navy cardigan, UK20 - Dorothy Perkins | belt, dress, UK18 - gift from Hanna | bag, necklaces, heels, US9 - Forever21 

I love how this dress is perfect for a somewhat fancy occasion, or maybe even brunch.  I have no idea how to style it more casually, though.  Any ideas?

Now that you've seen my Fatshion Faceoff, make sure to visit the other girls' blogs to see what they did this week (if you haven't already!).

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  1. Love the dress, and LOVE the shoes!

    Perhaps wearing some boots (mid-calf) might dress it down a bit? Maybe even wearing it with a longer cardigan (past waist-length) would be great too?


  2. I love the whole outfit- the dress is so pretty! And Terry S. pretty much took the words out of my mouth- I was going to suggest high boots and a longer cardigan to dress it down. Such a pretty dress needs to come out and about lots!


  3. awwww such a pretty dress Dani! The heels really tie it all together too! xx

  4. I love that dress it is simply gorgeous!

  5. It's like a pretty handkerchief! The whole look is fantastic. I'd probably dress it down with tights and flats (black, of course, because it's my favorite), and call it a day. Haha.

  6. waouw this one is really pretty and you look soo sweet
    You can wear it with boots a long cardi and a belt to make it more casual

    love it like this though ;-) xxx

  7. This dress is so sweet it really makes me think of tea parties. The boots and long cardigan are a great suggestion for dressing it down but, I LOVE the way you are wearing it here. I am a big believer in overdressing! All I need is a trip to the grocery store as an excuse to put on a beautiful dress.

  8. I thought I commented :O! I guess I only did it on Twitter then. ANYWAY, I knew this would look amazing on you when I saw it <3. The heels are gorgeous with it, but if you want to dress it down I'd wear it with a denim jacket, or even a biker jacket, and some ankle boots with chunkier heel. xx


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