Saturday, December 28, 2013


sunnies: RayBan via Zappos
scarf (similar): Forever21
sweater: Hive & Honey via Piperlime 
boots (similar): Duo 

That last photo is what happens when your boyfriend tells you to do a "running pose" when he's taking pictures of you for your blog. I think he's referring to the streetstyle poses where the girls look like they're walking, but I'm afraid to ask. I was just happy he took a few pics for me so I didn't have to drag out the tripod. :D


(photos taken by El Boyfriendo)


  1. Haha, you should just do all future outfit photos with that running pose face. Love your scarf - it looks SO comfy!

  2. Hi! I just discovered your blog: I love it! You're wonderful. But I have a question for you: how can you wear and walk in such beautiful and high shoes without pain? I mean, I'm a plus size girl too and I can't wear heels without screaming about 5 minutes later for the pain! Which is your secret?
    (Sorry for my bad english, but I read you from Italy)

  3. Obviously I don't mean this post, but others outfits in which you wear high heels. I've just writed here to make sure you see my question

  4. I'm obsessed with that top and bag oh my gosh!


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